Artwork as Recipe

Some art is a set of instructions for creating art rather than the art itself. A musical score or a play script would be an example. And increasingly art is being expressed as formulas or algorithm.

Special effects artists in films increasingly design formulas for things like explosion physics, rather than guiding the motion themselves. The difference between a beautiful explosion and a mundane one might be a change in a mathematical formula.


Twitter Bots make art out of algorithms and Markov chains.

Bytebeat, which composes music from a iterative tonal formula generating waveforms is probably one of the more extreme examples of Artwork as Recipe. (site)

Stravinsky’s Player Piano details a way in which the art and the recipe become intertwined.

Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony is a sort of modern player piano, a microchip in a CD case that generates music.

via Artwork as Recipe.


4 thoughts on “Artwork as Recipe

  1. When I saw this, I said to myself, “This looks familiar.” Sure enough, I had forked it into my fedwiki instance and saw from the Journal there that I got it from Jenny Mackness. Will the FLP add ons to wordpress allow this kind of journaling/attribution?


    • Right now at the bottom it has a via link which you can follow and see the original with the attribution. This via link is formatted by the “WordPress Post” button, but it’s the best we have right now.


      • I see it now. Thanks. Are you manually copy/ pasting from Fedwiki to FLP – WP or is there a plugin that allows you to just pass a URL? I have a site that has been dormant for years that I could use for FLP. Are there specific plugins to install?


    • (As far as long term, the hope is that we can write metadata into the WordPress post that track attribution at a more granular level, at least from the point that it enters WordPress.)


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