Peer Instruction Activity: Genevieve’s Career Goals

This peer instruction task tests student ability to guess the relative probability of co-occurring events. Surprisingly, many students fail to understand that co-occurring events always have a smaller probability than the two events do individually.

At a dinner party this weekend, a friend introduces you to a woman named Genevieve. He tells you that Genevieve recently graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Philosophy, where she was active in the Occupy movement and edited a literary magazine. You’re interested in talking to Genevieve about Hegel, the subject of her senior thesis, but your friend jumps in and asks you to rank the following statements about Genevieve in order of their probability:

(1) Genevieve is a feminist.
(2) Genevieve is looking for a job as a sanitation worker.
(3) Genevieve is a feminist who is looking for a job as a sanitation worker.

Given what you know about Genevieve, rank the statements from most likely to least likely on your alphanumeric clicker as a single string. (e.g. ‘231’).


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