Two Minutes Twitter Hate

Hating people on the Internet and destroying their lives is fun and exciting, especially as a group. The consequences are often dismissed as the targets are seen as racist or insensitive, and getting what they deserve. Two Minutes Twitter Hate is a version of Two Minutes Hate where a given person is chosen by a Twitter sub-community for outrage and ridicule.

In a December 2014 post, Sam Biddle talks about his part in one such Hate, the #HasJustineLandedYet Hate of 2013. (post)

Some of them were pernicious, some were stupid. Each time, each slap, was the same: If we could only put one more wrongheaded head on a pike, humiliate one more bigoted sorority girl or ignorant Floridian, we could heal this world. Each, next outrage post was the one that would make a difference….Twitter is a fast machine that almost begs for misunderstanding and misconstrual—deliberate misreading is its lubricant. The same flatness of affect that can make it such a weird and funny place also makes it a tricky and dangerous one. Jokes are complicated, context is hard. Rage is easy


But in 2014 context means basically nil, anyway. Every time I say something online, there’s a significant chance it will either be interpreted by committee on Twitter, or stumbled over by post-lobotomy brand managers. If, instead of making a facetious statement about bullying, I’d said “Gamergate is a group of shit people,” they would’ve claimed I was making light of feces-borne illness fatalities. Does Adobe stand against dysentery?

Tressie McMIllan Cottom, who refers to social media shaming events as “draggings”, points out that while such actions are often unfair to the individuals singled out, the experience of being singled out as an example of your race is normal for those with race — to some extent what is new is the privilege of the targets and the availability of the mic.(post)


A lot of times we feel justified in doing such things because of our sense of moral superiority. See What They Deserve.

It’s worth noting that many women and minorities on the Internet are harassed and threatened daily. See Woman with Opinion

Source: Two Minutes Twitter Hate

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