Gabi Delgado on the Rhizome

Gabi Delgado was a seminal electronic music artist of the 1980s and continues today with a prolific output of both music and side projects. He describes his method as rhizomatic. html As an example, he runs online communities on a variety of musical and social topics, but continually moves on as those groups grow. He explains:

It’s natural to me; I’ve always had the urge to diversify. I don’t believe in big things. It’s not my aspiration, for example, that one of my Facebook channels gets 100,000 Likes. When I get around 2,000 Likes, I prefer to find someone who is very active and make them the administrator while I start the next group. I prefer segmentation rather than monstrous structures that are often artificially inflated. That’s more natural, healthy and genuine to me.

I stick with Gilles Deleuze’s idea of ​​the rhizome: finding many tiny roots, rather than looking for the one big thing. That’s too old fashioned and imperialistic for me.

He goes on to talk about his composition method the same way, as trying many small ideas that either become something or they don’t.

For good measure, here is his German New Wave hit from the 1980s. He was surprised by the popularity, and did everything he could to shed it by going in different directions:

Source: Gabi Delgado on the Rhizome


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