Going Blind with Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag) played guitar on the Go-Betweens single “Going Blind”, along with her bandmates from Sleater-Kinney. She was a young musician and songwriter who had grown up with Go-Betweens records in her collection.

Brownstein comments “I played guitar on ‘Going Blind’ and Corrin [Tucker] sang on that song. I really had a good time but I was there so briefly that it was all work, I just went in and did it and left. My part on the records, which they loved – “Oh, that’s perfect!” – that was so funny because bascially what I did was listen to all my Go-Betweens records, and just write a Go-Betweens part. And they were like, “it’s great!” I said “well thank, but that’s because it’s exactly what you do on your records.” (wikipedia)

The quirky mini-solo Brownstein concocts is funny, almost a lighthearted mocking counterpoint after the tight rhyme scheme of the initial verse.

Many people assume that Brownstein also played guitar on German Farmhouse on that album but I can’t find evidence of that.


All-reviews calls Brownstein’s guitar work here a “squiggle” which is a good description (html)

Source: Going Blind with Carrie Brownstein


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