Swedes and Divas

book cover
The Song Machine details how modern hits are made via predictable corporate processes.

Tim Bray’s formulation of the current hit-making process for the pop music charts:

Here’s what hits are: Tracks made by Swedes us­ing Pro Tools plus hooks made by toplin­ers us­ing booth­s. If you want to know what that means and how it work­s, you should read the book, and along the way you’ll meet some re­al­ly in­ter­est­ing peo­ple, one or two of whom ac­tu­al­ly seem to be mu­si­cian­s, sort of, and many of whom are reg­u­lar­ly on mag­a­zine cov­er­s.

Those Swedes are cool guys and I’m glad I read about them; I just wish they’d quit fuck­ing up pop mu­sic. (post)


Distributed DJs suggests another reason why pop music today is uninspired.

According to New Order’s Bernard Sumner, grooves have become commodities, but unique melodies are still rare. See Melody’s Abstract Challenge

Artwork as Recipe discusses some issues around formulas and art.

The Sound of Sweden, from the New Yorker (post)

The Swedes have invaded Korea as well, and are the force behind the K-Pop explosion (post)


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