Data With Heart

In Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World by Naomi S. Baron, she uses the following quote from Michael Dirda as her epigraph for Chapter 1 (link).


E-books resemble motel rooms—bland and efficient. Books are home—real, physical things you can love and cherish and make your own, till death do you part. Or till you run out of shelf space. 

The quote above is taken from an interview with Dirda “Washington Is a Terrific Place If You’re a Serious Reader” (link).

He compares book ownership and personal libraries:

Books are more than just texts. A personal library is a reflection of who you are or the person you’d like to be. Owning an e-book reader is like having a library card—you can check out almost anything, but the book somehow never quite seems your own.

According to The New York Times (link). :

E-books’ are declining in popularity which may signal that publishing, while not immune to technological upheaval, will weather the tidal wave of digital technology better than other forms of media, like music and television 

One of the main companies that promoted the e-book is which has announced they will open a physical bookstore in Seattle, WA (link).

Book lovers often see stores as a piece of their community. And some blame Amazon, and online retail more broadly, for the slow demise of independent booksellers.

Jennifer Cast, vice president of Amazon Books, is careful to say the store won’t be stocked solely on data.

“It’s data with heart,” she said. “We’re taking the data we have and we’re creating physical places with it.”

Via: Data With Heart | spoke&hub&flp


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