Your Assessment Plan Assignment

Your assignment is to detail your assessment plan for your module.

First, you will review the goals of your module by filling out the first page of the UbD template. If you want to print this out and fill it out by hand that’s okay, but it does need to be turned in. (doc)

Second, you will create an assessment plan.

You assessment plan should include:

  • A pre-instructional diagnostic: What do your students know, think, or feel about the topic before you even start?
  • A plan for formative assessment, including at least one peer assessment activity.
  • A summative assessment, including any directions to the student, any rubrics used, and any quizzes, prompts or other materials you will use.

You do not have to follow any set format in answering these questions, but they should be clear and complete enough that a reasonable person could find them on the internet and teach a class based off the plan. This means if your pre-instructional diagnostic tool is a minute paper or a longer writing assignment you should write out the prompt you think you will use. If you are doing summative assessment, write out the rubric, etc.

Think of yourself as writing plans that could be executed by a talented substitute.

Make sure the assessments assess the understandings, questions, and skills you are targeting.

Have one person from your group gather all the materials and upload them to Blackboard.


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