Susan B. Anthony List


Susan B. Anthony List

DigiPo/Advocacy Group Investigation


The Susan B. Anthony List is a right-wing, anti-abortion[1] organization that  promotes legislation and funding priorities that reduce access to abortion. Current efforts focus on defunding Planned Parenthood clinics


Funding and Membership


Funding comes from multiple sources, but a large portion of the funding comes indirectly from the Koch Brothers, via the Center to Protect Patient Rights.



Name Controversy


Numerous people have objected to the use of the Susan B. Anthony name


The primary documentary evidence for Anthony’s "opposition to Restellism," a 19th-century euphemism for abortion, are a few diary entries; a newspaper editorial; and the fact that her short-lived feminist newspaper, the Revolution, declined advertisements for "quack medicines" including abortifacients.  (source)


[1]should this be "pro choice"


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