Susan B. Anthony List


Susan B. Anthony List

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The Susan B. Anthony List is a right-wing, anti-abortion[1][2] organization that  promotes legislation and funding priorities that reduce access to abortion. While it was initally formed as a fund to support female "pro-life" candidates, it has increasingly become a vehicle for Republican dark money. It was instrumental in the fight against the American Health Care Act, and its current efforts focus on defunding Planned Parenthood clinics.[3]

Funding and Membership

Funding comes from multiple sources, but a large portion of the funding comes indirectly from the Koch Brothers, via the Center to Protect Patient Rights (now known as American Encore). The group received over a million from the Center in 2010, which formed about half of its $2.5 million 2010 election budget.

Name Controversy

Numerous people have objected to the use of the Susan B. Anthony name

The primary documentary evidence for Anthony’s "opposition to Restellism," a 19th-century euphemism for abortion, are a few diary entries; a newspaper editorial; and the fact that her short-lived feminist newspaper, the Revolution, declined advertisements for "quack medicines" including abortifacients.  (source)




[1]should this be "pro choice"

[2]I think anti-abortion is less loaded. I would suggest that we use the terms "anti-abortion" for "pro-life" and "contraceptive rights" or "abortion rights" for "pro-choice" depending on the context. That seems more neutral.

[3]Added some financial info and a link that talks about early focus.


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